Hello & Welcome to my private world........I do hope to become acquinted and for you to step into this world of mine, of relaxation, destressing, romance,aphrosidiacs,perhaps a B&B in the country or show in the city............this is OUR fantasy.........the possibilities are endless................


Christina xoxo

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I am told my best features are my baby soft skin, toned legs & ofcourse my open, passionate & energetic personality. You will be put at ease the moment we meet and will long for our next date.

Some of my favorite dates are romantic picnics to which we dine upon cheese and fruit~ my favorite snacks . Dinner out with my black evening dress and stilletto heels while we dine on Seafood and fine wine are always a great aphrosiac as well. I will turn heads in a classy fashion yet nothing outlandish or the attention we do not seek. For it is you that I wish to capture the attention of during our date & no one else.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-  My long nails and sexy feet are always adorned with a french mani & pedi;my blond hair sometimes cascading in soft waves or worn straight, my height without my usual heels is 5"5 altho people always think I am taller- its all in the way one carries oneself.........everything is! I am told I am petite yet volumptious with all natural d breast. I have a 26 inch waist with all the right curves at 115 lbs-

Art, music, long walks, photography,poetry are a few of my favorite things in life............not to forget meeting clean cut and generous people. We are only as good as the company we keep. Honesty, mental & physical health are key for myself and my friends and lovers..Someday soon I will add more experiences and hobbies to my long list and I do hope you become a part of it...........

Until we meet............Christina xoxo

From body part modeling to Erotic nudes, Dinners out, museums, and weekends aways- or a two hr more exclusive date, please email me  with whether you are looking for model , public escort to an event or something more private and I will then discuss the rate ( as they vary greatly and also whether there is travel involved)

Please do not at any time use explicit or sexual words in emailing me or I will not answer your email. I am very choosy with whom I will meet with and manners and mental health are imperative. Contact me with reputable provider info of whom you have met with if applicable.

Thank you!

Please email me at with as much information about yourself as possible. I find this a good way for initial contact and do not splash my phone number upon sites and boards. This is not my style. I reserve the right to give my number to whom I choose if I find our email correspon informative enough and that you are someone I would like  to meet. Thank you in advance.